Thursday, March 26, 2015


 Week 6 FLEW by!
The pups learned lots of new things.
I gave them access to the ramp that leads from 
their room in the basement up to the doggie door 
that goes outside. They all mastered the ramp, running
up and down in just a couple days. Then I opened the
access to the doggie door and for the most part they
all have that down as well. For those with dog doors,
potty training just got a lot easier.
Two of the pups enjoyed a visit with their 
new families and of course we had grandkid visits.

Deposit received

deposit received

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Deposit received

Deposit received

This was Monday, the aftermath of 1st shot day!
  They crash BIG time.
The adults too...

Waking up a couple hours later

Gradkid's play date

Everett with his favorite little buddy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WEEK 5 Where does the time go???

Week 5
Has been busy, busy, busy
We had lots of grandkid visits, which the puppies LOVE
We did a 2nd worming today.  They spent much more time outside
which they didn't love at first…. Today was the best day,
no whining.  They have had lots of hours up in the kitchen
getting used to hard floors and household noises.
They have had 2 car rides in a crate as a pack and
didn't make a peep!  That can often be a shrieking 
meltdown.  I think I started earlier with this group.
These are really good babies:) 

deposit received 
He is such a funny boy.

  First lawn nap:)

deposit received

I love his dark blue eyes

Agnes, better known here as Aggie
Deposit received
 LOVES to pull on my pant legs ALL the time!

Tinkerbell or Tink for short
is such a cutie.  She is the last one to complain about
anything!  She is a very laid back little girl!
Deposit received

Ahhh, Mr Banjo
Any way you pose him he stays.
The kids love it!
On hold

So Aggie opened the crate door and let herself in,
Then Kona promptly closed the door on her… 


 All the puppies got rolled over and tickled
Kona is proof that dogs can giggle!

 The puppies have chosen to abandon the whelping box
this week and sleep in an open crate in dog pile style

Playing with the Aunties
Gracie and Gemma
I LOVE puppies:)