Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Rose in now
She is an angel puppy in every way.
She is now 3 months old.
She loves everyone
She is an expert in helping me drive the
tractor to feed cattle.  She is ready
to go any time, anywhere.

Friday, February 7, 2014

WEEK 8 BYE BYE babies and two little cuties

The puppies started going home last week
What awesome families and lucky puppies!

Bolt will keep his name and stay in Wa.
He went home with Chris, Andrea and Joey
Not sure who wins the cute award but
I think it may be Joey;)  

Mr Rhino went home with Kalie
and he will also stay in WA.
His name is now Riley

Flower went home with Tim, Carol, Gracie and Brodie
she is staying in WA as well.  
Her new name is Ripley

Two little cuties are still here
This is Penny being eaten by Rocket
He still LOVES the puppies and is 
super gentle not that you can tell...

Penny, on the left
is headed to Mary's house in sunny California on Monday.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Week 6 has flown by...
The puppies have acquired lots of new skills!
They have learned to use a ramp up
to the doggie door and get in and
outside on their own.
They have spent as much time playing
outside that weather would permit.
They have also learned to use stairs. 

This is Penny
she is sold

This is Flower,
she is sold

This is Rhino,
he is sold

This is Bolt
He is sold

This is Rose
she is on hold pending an 8 week evaluation

Double and Triple trouble!

Friday, January 24, 2014


This last week has been a busy one.
I have been getting the pups outside for an hour each day
even though it has been pretty cold. 
They are so much happier when they can get 
out and run off their wiggles.
The puppies were wormed again and had their first 
shot.  They have gotten a little more crate time
and had their first car ride in a crate.
They did very well.   For families picking
up puppies soon, you may want to bring a crate
for the car ride home.

Is sale pending

is sold

is sold

is sold

is on hold pending an 8 week

Random pics
time outside;)

Friday, January 17, 2014

WEEK 5 Getting outside

Week 5 has been fun.
We took advantage of two "warm" sunny days
and got outside.  This group picture was the winding 
down scene.

She is available for $800.

A friend drove by and stopped for a puppy snuggle

Loved outside and went exploring

Rhino is a happy go lucky kinda boy
Sale Pending

We have joked that Bolt is our "Golden Retriever"
mini Aussie, he has that kind of personality.
He is sale pending and his new family
has a golden retriever buddy waiting for him!

What can I say, she is just a cutie
She is on hold pending an 8 week evaluation.

Random pics 
We are having a visit with extended 
family and the puppies are loving
the attention.